Counting Down Until Washington DC

I’m down to 3 days on my countdown and even though from the looks of it (considering I have a lot of preparing and work to do before and during the trip), I’m still pretty excited to take part in this amazing opportunity. As most of you may or may not know, I’m participating in a school sponsored program where I get to travel to Washington DC with a group of students and teachers for a 6 day trip. This program will allow me to see the ins and outs of DC, anything and everything from the politics, the policy makers, the lobbyist, the hot topics/issues and I will also get a tour of the most important places in DC as well as hear lectures from the top dogs in DC. Although pursuing a career in politics or government has never been my number one priority I can say for sure that it’s not an opportunity that I would pass on (especially if I get to live in DC).

The last time I was in DC was in the summer of 2008, July to be exact. I was there for a national conference for one of the major political organizations I have been a part of for about eight years now. It was also my first time going and though I didn’t get to experience the city as I would have like nonetheless I enjoyed it very much. DC has always been one of those cities I would love to go back and visit, perhaps even live there, but who knows it may just happen one day.

My goal is to blog about my experience during the trip and to reflect on the program. I hope to take tons of pictures and to see a different side of DC.


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