Hilltop On The Hill – Day 1

It’s so refreshing to finally be located in another city even though it’s for just a couple of days. There is something about Washington, D.C. that brings out the energy within you and makes you feel alive. And that is exactly how I felt when I arrived. My flight to Washington, D.C. was great. There was no turbulence and I have to admit that this was probably the best flight I have been on. It didn’t even feel as if I were on a plane. After arriving to the airport I made my way to the Hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) via a hotel shuttle. The hotel was great. It was beautiful and cozy. Once dinner time came all of the student who had arrived gathered in the lobby along with the professors to eat dinner. We all ended taking a taxi to an Ethiopian restaurant named Dukem. Although I hadn’t ever tried Ethiopian food I was excited to try something new. The whole group ended up eating family style. This is when they bring a large plate with different small samples of food to eat. The plate had a variety of food samples. Some were spicy others were not. There was fruit, vegetables, meats and cheese. I enjoyed the food and wanted more! It was interesting to see the similarities in what I was eating to other food I have eaten before. Dinner was great and I had the opportunity to meet other students in the CCPA program and the Journalism program as well. Everyone was very nice and welcoming.

We all had a great time. After dinner we made our way to the white house for a group picture. This was such an exciting moment for me. I had always wanted to see the white house in person and it finally came true. The white house is so beautiful yet powerful. At the moment I could not believe I was there but I was! The whole group took a picture and I managed to take one of myself in front of the white house. Prof. Schill gave us all a small tour of Washington, D.C. after seeing the white house. I was able to see several of the building where many important things happen. Once we all made our way back to the hotel I was able to finally meet all of my roommates for the trip. We talked for a bit and unpacked before calling it a night. I’m very excited for the trip considering there is a great group of students here and an amazing group of professors from SMU. This trip will teach me so much and I’m ready to learn.


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