Hilltop On The Hill – Day 3

Today was much more relaxed than yesterday. I had the opportunity to visit some sites on the hill such as the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress which are both very beautiful and historical. Our first stop was the Library of Congress. I was very excited to visit this location because I had seen it in movies and as an SMU student that works at the Fondren library I wanted to see what this library had in its collection. Not only was it beautiful from the outside but once I walked in I couldn’t believe how much more beautiful it was. The architecture was stunning and there was so much to look at. As we walked in we were all given a task and that was to find a quote that we liked and to make a video giving reasons as to why we liked that particular quote. The quote I chose was “Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust”. I related this quote to philanthropy and activism because there are people who do things for the better of others and at the end of the day their actions are beautiful and make positive impacts. It also talks about how a person who does things for the right reason and isn’t selfish about it becomes a person of integrity and then they are a good person even after they pass away. Next we visited the Supreme Court and even though we didn’t go inside I really enjoyed just looking at it and hearing about it from Prof. Kirk and Prof. Schill. After visiting this site we had an unexpected trip to the Smithsonian museum of Art where I had the opportunity to see art. One piece of art I really enjoyed was th at which was magnificent. It was a man formed by nature with tree branches, leaves and fruit. I hadn’t ever seen anything like it and I loved it.

After this unexpected trip we all headed to the Newseum which is a museum I hadn’t ever gone to. I was interested to experience it for myself because I had heard many good things about it. Once I arrived I had a great lunch and headed off to the exhibitions. I loved seeing the parts of the Berlin Wall. I thought that was very powerful and historical. I enjoyed all the different exhibitions at the museum such as the Hurricane Katrina, 9-11 and even the Elvis exhibition. This museum taught me a lot about our history which has been integrated into several forms of media. It also showed the importance of the right of speech and how much we need journalist to document the several events in our history. Once we arrived back at the hotel we had the pleasure of meeting with SMU alumni Taylor Thornley who now works for the Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. Hearing her story about how she got to her current job was thrilling. She has had unbelievable experiences throughout her educational career and current workforce career. One important things that she taught me was the “2 people – 2 people” networking tool that I will use in the future. She said that whenever you meet someone as that person if they have any two people that you can speak with and then when you meet that other person to ask them the same things. This is a great took to meet other people and to advance when trying to find a job or that right person. She also stressed the fact that we should always ask our co-workers if there is anything more you can do to help around with work. When you do this you are showing them that you want to help and care about the work. Soon after meeting with Taylor the whole group went on a mall crawl.

Although I have seenmost of the monuments I felt that this particular mall crawl was more special and unique. At the mall crawl Prof. Schill and Prof. Kirk would tell us story and history bits about each monument so that I could learn more about them. It was a very special mall crawl and it reminded me what it meant to be American and part of this country. The Vietnam War memorial deeply touched me emotionally. I would notice how much it meant to severalof the people in our group and I was touched by that. Although this memorial is different from others it still has a very powerful touch to it. It reminds us what the U.S. went through and taught us about war. This is a moment I will never forget.


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