Hilltop On The Hill – Day 4

On this day I had the opportunity to visit the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. This landmark is so historical and beautiful and I loved being able to walk around and look all around. While at the National Cathedral I had the chance to hear a small lecture of the Israel and Palestine and how they are trying to reach a peace treaty. It was interesting to hear what both panelist had to say about the topics but this is an issue that has been around for centuries and I can just hope that they one day step by step agree to live peacefully. Our next stop was to visit the Holocaust Museum. Although I had been to this museum before I was really excited to visit again and to get a new and fresh perspective on what the museum had to offer. The Holocaust is such a tragic and devastating event in history and it is very important to teach others about the horrors that happened so that it doesn’t happen again. The museum does a great job of making a visitor feel like they are in the same position of those who were prosecuted in Europe. Dr.Voth shared his experience and work regarding the Holocaust museum with us and I was honored to hear him speak. He knows so much about this event and the museum itself that I was able to teach me more about it. I feel that his input definitely gave more meaning to the visit and it was great to hear his perspective on things. Later that evening I had another opportunity to meet other SMU alumni who now work in Washington, D.C. I met some amazing people that I will build relationships with and who I have already learned so much from. I really enjoyed this event.


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