Hilltop On The Hill – Day 5

The first location we visited today was Politico which is a news company founded in 2007 and does a lot of things political. At Politico we had a tour of the office and talked with Bill Hillman as well as Matt Nagran. I was able to learn about the work that Politico does and how they manage to send it out to the audience. They have print and online news where their audience is able to follow up on recent news see many advocacy ads that companies put in to influence congress. What was very interesting was that they have over 3 million readers and are constantly reinventing themselves to make the company better. They also have various blogs where they follow the white house and give minute to second updates. I really enjoyed this visit. Next we headed to the Holocaust museum where we had the pleasure to hear from a World War II, Veteran War and Korean War veteran. I was amazed by the honor and duty that he served this country and how he was able to walk away from it in one peace and to share with us his experience. His stories were great and I hope that one day he can write a book about all his experiences. Our next stop was at AT&T where we were going to talk to a lobbyist. I was really looking forward to this because I have AT&T service and I wanted to learn more about what they do to protect my interest and what issues they are working on. Once we arrived we met and talked with Lyndon K. Boozer who is a lobbyist. He walked us down the topic of advocacy and lobbying 101 which was very interesting. I do have to say that he had great communication skills and was able to communicate his message adequately. These are traits that make for a great lobbyist. Boozer had a lot of interesting topics he spoke about which included net neutrality, the first amendment, public service, regulations and competition. The next stop on the agenda was to go to the Washington, D.C. branch of CNN. This too was very exciting. I always watch CNN and I never thought I would have the opportunity to visit their offices. When we got there we were able to go on a tour and where we were able to meet Wolf Blitzer from The Situation. What an honor and exciting moment it was. I learned so much about CNN and how they continue to work. This was a very exciting visit where I learned about documentation, journalism, social media, history and the importance of finding your passion.


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