Hilltop On The Hill – Day 6

Today is my last day in Washington, D.C. and still have two more places to visit before I head back to Dallas, TX. Our first stop was the National Association of Broadcasters. I didn’t know much about the NAB but I wanted to learn more. Once we arrived we met three of the workers at the NAB who talked about their jobs and the company. The Janet Jackson issue came up in the presentation and they talked to us about that certain incident and how it affected their job. It was right then and there that I learned about the company and what they do in television. I also learned about their marketing and public relations side to the company which was also very interesting. The next and last stop on the agenda was a trip to the National Cable Television Association where we got a tour of the office and experienced firsthand 3D TV which was amazing. It was the first time I experience anything like it in a home setting and even when they took us to the mini theater I couldn’t believe my eyes. TV in 3D is great and really enjoyed it. I also had the opportunity to see a smart kitchen. Although it was outdated according to our tour guide it was interesting to see what they had in store for kitchens which was very random. Rick Cimerman gave us a presentation after we watch a 3D TV video about the National Cable Television Association and what they do as well as the issues they face. He also gave us some history on cable and how it started which was very interesting considering it was the first time I was exposed to it. I really enjoyed this trip and couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my fall break. I learned so much and have walked away with so much knowledge that I will use and apply for the years to come.


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