LULAC’s Lideres Leadership Summit In San Antonio, TX

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to San Antonio, TX for the LULAC Lideres Leadership Summit. I was able to be reunited with many of friends of all around Texas whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of months. The leadership summit’s goal was to help all the young adults understand our strengths and learn how to use them better. After taking a test to determine my strengths, these were my results: adaptability, connectedness, developer, empathy, and achiever. These 5 strengths wouldn’t have ever come to mind when describing myself, but I do have to admit that they are my strengths. I took some time after seeing these results to reflect and see if I could think of situations where they apply. If it wasn’t for this summit I wouldn’t have ever learned these 5 important words and how they relate to my life. Below is a link to my strengths finder report with more information regarding my top 5 strengths.

After the summit my group and I went to visit a couple of Dreamers (supporters of the Dream Act) who had fasted and who are currently fasting. We all sat down and spoke about upcoming efforts to help pass the Dream Act. While sitting there and listening I felt so inspired to do something. The girls we met with are so passionate about the cause and are truly putting 110% towards getting it passed.

Soon after we all headed to the Mission San Juan which is such a beautiful site to see! It was so historical and wish I could have taking pictures but it was already dark outside. LULAC held a reception at the Mission San Juan to wrap up the summit and to thank local leaders for their support. I had the opportunity to see San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as well as past State Representative Cidro Rodriguez. Such a historical night!

The trip was great. The people were inspiring. Overall, I am truly thankful I had the opportunity to go to San Antonio and experience such wonderful events. Below are some of the pictures that I took to remember the night.

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