Students and community leaders fight for the Dream Act

The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor Act also known as the Dream Act is a bi-partisan piece of legislation that I support. This piece of legislation if passed would allow undocumented children and young adults the ability to attain citizenship by meeting several requirements and qualifications. Such requirements would include to have been in this country for at least 5 years, to have came into this country by the age of 16, to be younger than 30, and to complete at least 2 years of college and/or the military.

It will be brought to the House for a vote and then the Senate this week. I hope that it will pass in both and for Obama to then sign it. This week the North Texas Dream Team and LULAC held a plan of action in order to urge Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson to vote for the Dream Act. In the past Senator Hutchinson has voted for the Dream Act. Below are my tweets of the sit-in, rally and vigil from December 6-7, 2010.

(December 6 ar 4:52pm)

Dallas, TX: DREAMers sit in & rally in front of Kay Bailey Huchinson’s office #dreamact

(December 6 at 7:02 pm)

Dallas, TX: DREAMers to spend the night outside of hutchinson’s office.

(December 6 at 7:03pm)

Dallas, TX: Building manager at Hutchingson’s office is calling the police. DREAMers are still inside building.

(December 6 at 7:39pm)

Dallas, TX: Hutchinson has closed its doors to the DREAMers but the DREAMers will not give up on the DREAM ACT!

(December 7 at 8:18am)

Dallas, TX: DREAMers to hold a 24 hour vigil @kaybaileyhutch office.

(December 7 at 1:24pm)

Dallas, TX: DREAMers hold a picnic as they reach the 24hr mark of their sit-in @kaybaileyhutch.


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