Cena En El Barrio

Every year LULAC District III host Cena en el Barrio (Dinner in the Neighborhood) which helps collect food (chicken, beans, rice, canned veggies and more..) and create food baskets for low income families in the North Texas region. This year we had the sixth annual Cena en el Barrio at Conrad High School.

Since starting this tradition in 2005, I have done my part to raise funds and needed food items to donate for this wonderful cause. On the day of I also partake in volunteering to put together all the items in a basket so that they can be delivered to the families.

It is such a wonderful feeling to give back to the community and I hope that everyone if possible can do a little something and give back to the community. There are many ways anyone can give back such as donating clothes or other items; donating your time at a local shelter, soup kitchen, local church or school; or even donating to your local charity.

Below are some pictures from the event. Students and local leaders from across the North Texas region come together as one and work together to give back to the community in the holiday spirit.

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