Mexican Posadas for Christmas

This year was quite unique in celebrations. My mom had called and asked me to come home early for winter break and help her prepare for a posada that she was hosting at the house. For those who do not know what a posada is, a posada is a type of celebration for the waiting and welcoming of baby Jesus on Christmas day. What usually happens during a posada is that there are two groups of people who role play. Group one acts as Mary and Joseph. Group two acts as the residents of the home who welcome in Mary and Joseph. Both groups come to meet when group one comes to the door steps of the home of group two while singing. During a posada there is a lot of sining, praying and of course food. The purpose of having a posada is to reenact what happened when Mary and Joseph looked for a place to stay. This is a tradition that has been around for decades and this year I was able to participate in a few posadas.

Below are some pictures from the posada at my house. It was a great experience and truly enjoyed it.

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