Happy 1 year Anniversary Cupcakes!

A year ago after  a horrific accident with my first laptop  (which by the way was an HP laptop), I was able to go back in to the laptop market and pick out a brand new laptop. Although terrified I knew what I wanted and that was the Macbook. I had heard so many good things about Macs from friends and from doing some research so I was convinced I had to get one.

My wonderful mom and I headed down to the local apple store and made a great purchase. This was the start of a wonder relationship with my new macbook laptop cupcakes. I love this little thing so much! It has been with me every single step in my life (well not all but most) and has helped me so much. Cupcakes is so reliable, fast, savvy and wonderful! I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. I highly recommend if you are needing to buy a new laptop to buy a Mac! It’s money well invested!

Below is my documentation and experience in the un-boxing my first Macbook!

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