Resume Do and Don’t

Today at work I spent hours looking over resumes from various people looking for a job and I decided I just had to write a blog about what to do and what not to do when it comes to resumes. Although this is my opinion I’m sure there are many other people out there who can agree with what I’m going to say. It just bothered me so much to sit there and look at some of the resumes people had sent thinking it was appropriate and presentable. Below are some rules of advice that will tremendously help you revise your resume. Impressive resumes that are elegant and presentable have a higher chance of being looked at and you may also have a better chance of getting that job.

DO include your name, address, email and phone number (in that order).

DON’T put your email, address or phone number before your name or at the bottom or back of the page. The last thing employers want to do is participate on a resume scavenger hunt!

DO try to keep your resume to one page. Two pages may be ok but it seriously is pushing it.

DO take advantage of all the space on a page. If you have to have .2 margins on all sides IT’S OK! Be resourceful.

DON’T have crazy fonts and big size text. Stick to 10-12 size text and one font! It’s ok to be creative but you want your resume to be clean and elegant.

DON’T use colored ink. Stick to only black ink.

DO create sections with labels for your objective, education, work experience, leadership experience and so forth.

DO describe your previous experiences on your resume. Have good descriptive information about what you did.

DON’T include unprofessional email addresses. Create an email address with no numbers only name, last name and perhaps middle name. Also, be conscious of your email provider. If you have an email from AOL you are telling the world you are old and not tech savvy! If you do not have your own domain and email prefer sicking with gmail.

DON’T include a page or two pages of your bio. No one has time to read all that in 10 seconds and if they really cared they would ask.

DON’T include a references section on your resume. It takes up space and if the employer wants references they will ask.

DO italicize, underline, and bold words. This makes words, titles and such stand out. Draw attention to important aspects of your resume to help guide the employer as he/she views your resume.


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