SMU Latino History Project

The SMU Latino History Project was created by three SMU graduate students who are exploring the history of Latinos at Southern Methodist University. Today they had their first presentation on what they had discovered and it was great. When I first heard about the project I can’t begin to describe how excited I was.

Here are some of the history points that I learned:

1. Full integration of Latinos at SMU didn’t happen until the 1950’s.
2. In 1931 the first Mexican-American students graduated from SMU.
3. Belita Moreno (from the George Lopez show) graduated from SMU. So did her mother.
4. Students created the Chicano Association at SMU in the 1970’s.
5. In 1981 CHAS was created at SMU.
6. Today, there are over 1,000 Latino students at SMU.

It’s just so fascinating to discover so many wonderful and exciting things from the history of Latinos at SMU. Although there is still much more to discover and understand, today’s presentation was a great introduction into all of this material. I hope to see this project develop over time and hopefully get involved in some way.


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